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How to select a Wi-Fi Printer?

Cut the cord and print!

If you're tired of tripping over cables or being chained to one location, you might want to look into wireless printing.

One of the first things to consider when shopping for a Wi-Fi capable printer is the range on the printer. The distance from the printer to the computer will matter. If there is too much of a distance, the print jobs will queue until the computer gets into range again. While most printers on the market offer a significant range, it needs to be compared based on the layout of a home or office.

The quality of print must be compared. There are Wi-Fi capable printers that can handle high-quality photo prints, offering more versatility to mobile businesses as well as the home photographer that wishes to print their own images.

The cost of ink cartridges must also be looked at. A printer is of no use unless there is ink inside of it at all times. There are brands that are notorious for being higher priced than the rest of the market. While the printer itself may be very affordable, the cost of replacing the ink on a regular basis may not result in the best value overall. While ink refills may be an option, the printer and the ink combined must be quoted out for the best economic value.

Speed is another factor when choosing a printer. There are inkjet and laser Wi-Fi ready printers. Lasers will print much faster, though they are more expensive. There are uses for each and therefore it comes down to how fast the pages need to print. Many of the Wi-Fi printers are very fast, sending out at least 10 pages per minute.

For home use, a multifunction Wi-Fi unit makes a lot of sense, not only because it’s cheaper than buying a printer and a standalone scanner, but also for the sake of saving room.

Some Wi-Fi printers have a button that activates WPA encryption, allowing secure connections with other devices. By pushing the button on the printer and activating a similar feature on each computer on the network, you can create a secured network between each computer and the printer. Considering the aspects of cyber security and risks of unsecured data transmission, this is an important feature to have in a wi-fi printer.

So, cut the cord and print!

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