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Oh No, A Paper Jam!

Paper jams in your printer is not only a nuisance it can lead to your printer being damaged.

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Yes. That's right. Paper jams in your printer can lead to your printer being damaged.

Let’s look at how damage can occur. First off, the paper itself can wrap around delicate parts and do the damage then, or when you go to remove the paper.

Then in Ink Jet printers the paper can be all scrunched up near the printhead and this stops the printhead from moving, burning out motors and or realigning the head.

So, what to do if you have a paper jam? Well, if it’s all scrunched up or wound around components… STOP! Bring it in to a repairer, it’s a nuisance because you need something printed now and you can’t. Pack up your printer, power transformer if it uses one and save your print job to a USB stick and get it looked at.

If you can see the paper inside the printer and it looks like it’s not too bad, then sure, switch off the printer and give it a go.

Always try to drag the paper out in the direction it was travelling, not reverse direction if you can help it!

If it tears apart, then keep all the bits and make sure when you think you are done you have 100% of the bits, lay them out and check!

Why the jam? Usually too many sheets of paper in the input tray, fancy papers, damp paper due to high humidity, paper not “fanned” before being put in the tray or even worn rollers.

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