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Printer ink basics

Get the most out of your money and buy the correct consumables for your printer.

When buying printer ink or toner, there are a few things you need to know first, so you can get the most out of your money and buy the correct consumables for your device.

Single colour cartridges: Many of the best printers utilise the CMYK scale, by using various tones such as magenta, cyan, yellow and key (black), to produce a full colour spectrum. Some printers support single colour cartridges and necessitate that users invest in four different colours, enabling your printer to produce a full palette of colours. These cartridge types are hugely beneficial as they can reduce consumable waste which in turn makes them more cost-efficient. When a solo cartridge runs out, no ink is wasted.

Block colour cartridges: Printers that support block colour cartridges in most cases have the capacity to support only two cartridges, with one space being reserved for black, and the other for cyan, magenta and yellow. This type of cartridge needs replacing when just one of the colours run out, leading to wasted ink.

Toner cartridges: One of the main components of laser printers is toner cartridges, which work hand in hand with the drum unit. The cartridge contains both toner powder and colouring agents, projecting the image onto the drums, with the end result image replicated on your printer paper.

XL cartridges: Some of the most adaptable and versatile printing models have the capacity to support XL cartridges and can ultimately reduce ink costs over time as the capacity cost is less. From a manufacturer’s perspective, less packaging can reduce costs, helping the consumer save money over time when they invest in an XL cartridge.

Printers use ink in two ways. First, of course, they use ink to print documents and images. But inkjets also use ink just for maintenance, mainly for cleaning the printheads. Most people aren’t really aware of the maintenance needs of inkjets.

Turning a printer off and back on can trigger a maintenance cycle, so it's more efficient to leave your printer on. And don't worry about racking up a massive electricity bill. Inkjets nowadays consume very little power when not in use.

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