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Printer inks- Why buy online?

Remember that century-old business model -“Give away the razor, sell the blades”!

Well.. Not any longer.

There's no joy in shopping for printer ink. It's expensive to buy, little fun to use, and before you know it—it's time to purchase it again. And that's a constant cause of frustration among printer owners.

Remember the mantra “give away the razor, sell the blades”? That century-old business model is still alive and well in the printer business, where many companies entice consumers with unimaginably low prices on their budget printers, knowing they can milk them over and over again when it comes time to replace the ink cartridges.

Depending on how often you plan to print, it can actually be worth it to purchase a more expensive printer in order to buy into a cheaper line of cartridges.

If you look around you will notice that printer toner and cartridges are found in all the big shopping malls as well as small shopping centres. The fact to remember here is that every printer cartridge / toner that you buy has a huge profit margin built into its price.

However, most of the people do not have an alternative but to pay dearly for these printer inks at retail price. But remember, for every problem there is a solution.

The solution is to purchase printer toners and cartridges online. The main benefit of an online printer ink seller is tiny amount of overheads and literally no stoking cost of physical products, unlike a brick and mortar store. It is easy therefore for an online printer ink seller like us to pass on these cost savings to you.

Everyone wins in this game!!

You can get a high quality and low priced inkjet / toner cartridge by clicking here:

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