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Why is my printer using so much ink or toner?

Does it seem like you are constantly having to buy ink (or toner) for your printer?

Does it seem like you are constantly having to buy ink (or toner) for your printer? If so this can be very stressful as you feel you are being ripped off.

There can be quite a few reasons:

A] Small capacity cartridges in an old printer: Older style printers could only print a few hundred pages at most due to the cartridge capacity. Modern printers now have much larger capacity cartridges (for almost the same price!!) due to customer demand. The Canon MB2760 does 1,200 pages from the black and 900 pages from the colour.

B] Quality of your print: For your normal day to day printing you may have the quality setting too high. Look for Draft or lower the Dots Per Inch (DPI) setting. Printing in draft mode will reduce the amount of ink used, though not necessarily for maintenance. And think twice before printing lots of large photographs, especially in high-quality mode, because they use the most ink.

C] Using Colour needlessly: Did you know that when selecting Black & White you are still using colour? Try to find Greyscale, Greyscale will only use black ink.

D] You may be printing more that you realise: Many customers say, “I only installed a new cartridge a couple of months ago.” Sadly, time is not the benchmark. It’s the number of pages you are printing. Try to fit more text on one page. Shrinking text to fit two pages on one sheet saves money (you'll buy less paper) and speeds up printing (fewer pages to print). This two-for-one approach is best for spreadsheets, receipts, and other documents that are still legible once shrunken.

E] What you are printing has a huge effect: If you are printing images or photo’s then you will be tearing through ink or toner. Consider getting your photos printed at one of the big chains like Harvey Norman or The Good Guys. Also, the amount of text you are putting on a page is a big factor.

F] Leave the printer powered on all the time: This avoids triggering a maintenance cycle each time you use it. When we did that with some of the most ink-hogging models, it noticeably reduced ink consumption. Inkjets left on use up very little power when not in use, so your ink savings should outweigh the expense considerably.

G] Align the printer cartridge or head: Misalignment of your cartridges may occur over time. Alignment can be adjusted on most printers using an automated system that you can access through the printer control panel. Each printer will have a different process, for example, this automated system is accessed through “Setup” on most printers. Check your user’s guide or search online for specific instructions for your device.

If you are concerned about your printer consumption just ring us on 1300141943. We will be delighted to hear from you.

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